HOW Connection with Stefan Mumaw and Coffee Break

  • Room: Exhibit Hall B
  • Session Number: BKFM
Monday, April 30, 2018: 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM


Stefan Mumaw
Creative Director
First Person


The goal of HOW Connection is simple: give you a reason to meet someone new so when you walk into that session 3 days later, there’s someone there motioning you over with that subtle head nod we all need in life. This isn’t a networking event, those are lame. This is a ‘meet your new best friend’ event that gives you at least one story of questionable decision-making to post about on your social feeds. 

Come out and meet that person you’ll pinky swear never to talk about your time together ever again. Because that’s what creative conferences are all about.

This was a HUGE HIT the past two years and we can’t wait for you to start your HOW Design Live experience off right… by meeting up with old friends, finding some new ones, and having some geeky designer fun.

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