Quick UX Research Methods

  • Room: 207
  • Session Number: HA1
Thursday, May 03, 2018: 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM


Patrick McNeil
UX Architect


This session focuses on diving in and taking the guess work out of design by focusing on research first. For many those first steps towards figuring out what users really want is the biggest challenge.  In this session you will find practical methods that help you get in the field researching users with as little pain as possible. Finally, we will explore some basic strategies for figuring out how to turn any question you have about your users into a test. This formula of going from questions to tests to answers is the key to making designs that will delight your users. The real key here is to see that the questions are the starting point, and methods should only be a response to them. The ultimate result is that you can easily invent your own research methods.

Take away:

  •       3 Research methods you probably don’t know about but can implement today
  •       Strategies for turning questions into research methods
  •       How you might easily invent your own methods


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