Who Cares About Packaging Anymore?

  • Room: 304
  • Session Number: WC4
Wednesday, May 02, 2018: 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM


Hamish Campbell
Creative Director, New York


In an age where consumers are increasingly ordering their packaged goods online, and where over half of online shoppers start their product searches on Amazon, brand definitions of shelf presence are drastically evolving. 


Simultaneously, consumers are increasingly aware of the unnecessary wastefulness in most packages. They are calling for change – and it is about time for brands to evolve. Most brands are left wondering, though, what can they do to redefine and evolve their shelf presence in a way that is more reflective of the marketplace and consumer’s expectations?


In this talk, Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher New York Creative Director, will outline the challenges at hand, and the power designers have to radicalize the entire package design industry. Hamish will outline the ways in which packaging can evolve to rediscover its relevance, creating a disruptive and impactful future along the way. 

Hamish will outline the ways in which attendees can:

1. Effectively build a more impactful experience around their brand. 

2. Rethink - and reframe - what their brand stands for at its core.

3. Create a sustainable, desirable, and future-proof design. 


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