So You’re A Manager Now

  • Room: Ballroom B
  • Session Number: WA2
Wednesday, May 02, 2018: 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM


Amy Schwartz
Creative Director
Bright Bright Great


A majority of conference talks, articles, and workshops are focused on the visual side of design and tend to skew towards inspiration and platitude for emerging designers. Mid-level designers who are new to leadership roles find themselves in an information desert– how do we learn to be the mentors we wish we had? How do we develop and implement a process? 

This talk will be based on my experience as Design Director at Cards Against Humanity and Creative Director of Bright Bright Great. I will discuss how to structure a team, create a culture of trust, effectively mentor your team, collaborate with clients, find a process that works for you, and make sure your bills are paid! This talk can take a broader approach to leadership and running a team, or can focus on a specific relationship– the leader/team member relationship or the client/designer relationship. This talk is perfect for both in-house and agency/studio designers who have 3-10 years of design experience. 


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