The Evolution and Future of Brand Experience

  • Room: Ballroom C
  • Session Number: TB4
Tuesday, May 01, 2018: 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM


MT Cassidy
Executive Creative Director


Between consumer needs and strategic brand objectives, there is too often a gap: a gap where disappointments, frustrations and missed opportunities lie.

At FutureBrand, we believe brilliantly conceived and executed brand experience is the key to eradicating this gap, to the benefit of both brands and the consumers they serve.

We create Brand Experiences that holistically and cohesively link your brand to your consumers at every touch point on their journey through it – be that when choosing, connecting or committing, or at any point in between.  

At the conference, we’ll explore how future macro forces (the socio-economic changes in society that shape our experiences of life) will influence consumer needs, and how we as brand builders and brand creators should meaningfully respond to them. 

It’s not just about what we can do; it’s about what we should do to ensure our vision aligns with our consumers’ experiences of us. By looking at the shoppers, the lifestyles and the families of the future, we can map where the real opportunities lie for closing the gap most effectively.

Our size, scale and breadth of capabilities across our global network means we’re fully informed about future forces, and how to best deliver against them. Our ability to think small, to put ourselves in the shoes of every consumer we are designing for, means each experience is thoughtfully executed to be meaningful to a real person, rather than a faceless segment. It’s our unique ability to do both that makes us perfectly placed to envision the future of brand experience – as we’ll demonstrate through our work with some key case studies.


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