Designer Therapy: You are Not Alone

  • Room: Ballroom B
  • Session Number: MC2
Monday, April 30, 2018: 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM


Justin Ahrens
Founder and Creative Director
Rule 29


What is your greatest struggle as a designer? Whatever it is, we invite you to bring it to this session. In fact, consider this a free hour-long therapy session. Here, we will explore all things frustrating, challenging, and/or mysterious about being a designer (whether freelance, in-house or agency). What do I do with this client that won't stop texting me? What do I do with this mediocre work that emerged after my latest design-by-committee experience? Why do I regret my latest hire? When did I promote my client to be my art director? This talk will be funny, inspirational, and directional in HOW we respond to the less-than-glamorous side of design and business. Join Justin for a refreshing look at what we all question, but NEVER talk about. You may want to bring your flask.


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