Bringing Designers and Marketers Together. i.e., kill the creative brief and start talking.

  • Room: 207
  • Session Number: MMB1
Monday, April 30, 2018: 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM


Elizabeth Darragh
Vice President of Global Marketing Communications
Sensitech Inc.
Jonathan Cleveland
Cleveland Design


Marketing and design approach everything differently, which makes harmony a challenge. It’s often said that Marketing approaches the work as if talking to a group (i.e. how the overall campaign will help sway a new audience of customers to their product), while the Creative's approach is as if talking to one person (i.e. how an individual will react to the visuals, products and brand). The goal for both is to fulfill the brand promise, but they can’t do that unless they can align marketing strategy and creative and speak the same language from the beginning.


In this presentation, Jonathan Cleveland, Principal of Cleveland Design and Elizabeth Darragh, VP of Global Marketing Communications for Sensitech, will describe the evolution of their 13 year relationship as designer and marketer and share a case study of a recent rebrand (including for market and product segments, position acquisitions, and development of a new website) that combined the talents and skills of everyone involved and brings a unified voice, great visuals, and a successful market strategy. Save yourself 12 years and come to listen, learn and talk.

Key takeaways include:

• The knowledge the creative now needs to bring to the table, and how to get it

• Methods for educating both designer and marketer to speak in a unified voice

• Best practices for inclusion of all decisions makers for the creative and marketing process



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