Design Makes Us Hungry

  • Room: 304
  • Session Number: MA4
Monday, April 30, 2018: 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM


Joy Bauer
Registered Dietitian & Best-Selling Author
Thomas Wilder
Creative Director


Most people today are on some kind of health journey. We're aware of our eating habits like never before.

But in seeking healthier and better food options, it seems like we’ve also left happiness and delight behind.

So, no more Hyper-Jacked Crazy-Spicy Taco Cheese Bombs? No more Sugar-Covered Marshmallow Gummy Bunnies?


But are Flax Seed-Dusted Kale Crisps or Raw Quinoa Broccoli Bars the only other choice?


What if snacks were not so polarizing?

What if we could have something that tasted good and was good for you? What if healthier snacking was a delight and not a chore? And how can design help communicate this duality in ways that pique the senses and send product flying off shelves?

These are the questions that Joy Bauer, health expert from NBC's Today Show and founder of Nourish Snacks and Thomas Wilder, Creative Director from COLLINS/ NY will answer together in this session.

They'll explain the process and ultimate successes they've had in re-imagining and relaunching Nourish Snacks over the last year. They may even have a surprise in store.

3 audience takeaways:

1. How to design a magnetic solution by seeking what really drives people’s behavior.
2. How tapping into potent memories and design history is not a "retro" or nostalgic move but can inspire new ideas for a future-facing product.
3. How to build a differentiated brand world - and break from your category.


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