Discovering Cipe: Lessons in Creativity and Collaboration from Andy Warhol's Favorite Art Director

  • Room: Auditorium
  • Session Number: HK2
Thursday, May 03, 2018: 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM


Sarah Rich
Writer and Editor
Wendy MacNaughton
Illustrator and Graphic Journalist


While browsing at an antiquarian book fair, Sarah Rich and Wendy MacNaughton discovered an original painted manuscript, tucked into a display case, that drew them in like magnets. It featured a vibrant painting of hot pink beets and a hand-lettered recipe for borscht written in script so full of life, it was hard to believe it was more than half a century old. They would soon learn that it was the work of one of the most influential yet unsung graphic designers of the twentieth century, Cipe (pronounced "C.P.") Pineles, the first female art director at Condé Nast and a pioneer in art and media, whose impact lives on in the work of many artists and designers today.
Sarah and Wendy will tell the story of how that discovery led them on a journey of research and serendipity, as they sought to learn more about this person who had influenced both of their careers, though they’d never heard her name. In collaboration with Debbie Millman and Maria Popova, they created Leave Me Alone With the Recipes, a book celebrating Cipe’s life and illuminating her unique impact on contemporary illustration and design.
Sarah and Wendy will discuss the recent resurgence of food illustration, the relevance of Cipe’s work in today’s media landscape, and what is being done to ensure that underrepresented designers and illustrators gain the voice and space they deserve. Beyond Cipe’s artistic legacy, Sarah and Wendy will highlight three key lessons they drew from their adventure: 1. Stop — take the time to invest and engage; 2. Collaborate — work with people who inspire you; 3. Listen — get curious, ask questions, and know from whence. You might end up discovering the artistic godmother you never knew you had.


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