Andy Brenits

HOW Design Live 2017 Program Advisor
President of the Board, InSource


Andy Brenits is a creative management consultant with extensive experience building and leading creative teams for national and international brands. He has worked with major brands such as Banana Republic, The Gap, National Football League, KPMG, and Arizona Public Service. In addition to consulting and writing, Andy is the President of the board of directors at InSource and lectures on Visual Branding at Columbia University in New York. He has also taught several courses at HOWU including In-House Management Certification, Marketing 101 for Designers, Managing and Leading Creative Teams.

In addition to moderating the In-House Perpectives by InSource panel, Andy will also be participating in the following sessions at HOW Design Live 2017:

10 to 15 minute presentation during Mike Rohde’s Master Class on Sketch Noting (Tuesday 10AM) where he will demonstrate how he ties together analog and digital techniques that help creative professionals be more organized, productive, and stay focused on the creative tasks (the fun stuff) at work.

Part of the discussion panel at 11:45 on Wednesday "Tools & Resources Marketers and Creatives: Better Together” with Alex Withers, where Andy will offer his in-house creative operations expertise, insights, and experience.


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