Richard Shear

Partner - Chief Creative Officer


Designer, husband, teacher, father, athlete, author, historian

Richard has been influenced by a fascination with visual history, driven by a curiosity for the culture of retail brands, and guided by a rich experience in package design.

As an entrepreneur Partner and Chief Creative Officer of invōk brands, his expertise lies in helping clients uncover the visual heritage of their most iconic brands, and using this design equity to help them build and position these brands in ways that inform, connect and motivate.

As an educator and Founding Faculty of the Masters in Branding program at the School of Visual Arts Richard’s focus is on building awareness of the rich legacy and growth of the global consumer culture and its intrinsic connection to the evolution of visual history; and by doing so identify their influences on contemporary brands.

He is Contributing Editor of The Brand Bible, President Emeritus of AIGA Brand Central and the Package Design Council, and a nationally ranked Master’s bicycle racer.


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