Jonathan Hoefler



Jonathan Hoefler has been designing typefaces for nearly thirty years. Through his work at Hoefler&Co, the company he founded in 1989, his lifelong love of typography has found countless avenues: he has designed and directed more than 1,500 typefaces including Knockout, Gotham, Sentinel, Archer, Surveyor, Requiem, Verlag, Mercury, Chronicle and Ringside; he has designed type specimens, mobile experiences, and websites including the Cloud.typography webfont platform and the award-winning Discover.typography, and in 2016 he created his first short film about typeface design.

Hoefler is the only person to have ever received both the Prix Charles Peignot, the prize for typographic excellence awarded by the Association Typographique Internationale, and the AIGA Medal, the design profession’s highest honor. H&Co typefaces are in the permanent collections of both the Smithsonian Institution and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the company is the only type foundry ever to have been honored by the National Design Awards at the White House.


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