Christine Taylor

Licensing Creative Account Manager
Hallmark Cards


Christine is a multi-disciplinary creative with a background in both psychology & design. After several roles in both the psych and design fields, she landed at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City where she current works as a Creative Account Manager in the Licensing. She manages the relationship and creative product development between Hallmark’s internal product development teams and outside Movie & TV studio licenses like Star Wars, Warner Bros., DC Comics, Star Trek, FOX, NBC/Universal, and AMC, ensuring all licensed product meets the creative strategy and brand/character relevance in multiple channels of retail distribution. Recently, she has become the Creative Lead and Ambassador of Pop for Hallmark’s new perennial pop-up pop culture experience called PopMinded, where she leads their presence at comic conventions, online and social media outreach as well as hosts and produces a weekly series of the same namesake. She’s a pop culture fanatic and brings her passion and geek lexicon for those brands to work every day. She is a current National Board Member of the AIGA and past President of AIGA Kansas City. She been featured in various award shows and publications over the years, as well as jurored a few. Like many designers, she has a passion for food, wine, film, television, music and theatre and often takes on outside projects that leverage’s her love for them, including Production Design for local films and web series.


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