Designing for the Future with Cues from Today’s Top Trends. Session Presented by The Dieline Conference

  • Room: Regency C
  • Session Number: WSESS2
Wednesday, May 03, 2017: 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM


Andrew Gibbs
The Dieline


As designers, we fill the role of today’s most important visual communicators. We express both our culture and the spirit of the times through the brands, products, and services people covet and consume on a daily basis. And to design for tomorrow, we need to carefully examine what standout, cutting-edge brands are doing today.

In this hypervisual session, The Dieline's founder Andrew Gibbs invites you to explore the 13 Emerging Visual Design + Consumer Shopping Trends which currently have the greatest impact on our industry. As brands continue to play larger, more intimate roles in daily life, consumers naturally expect more from them. We must, in turn, prepare for a future where the brands we create do not merely sell products—they instead go beyond by offering a sense of deep purpose, providing a calming peace of mind, and delighting each and every sense.

Today’s dominant trends directly influence what consumers will want and need from the brands, products, and services of tomorrow. Lean in, take a closer look, and get inspired with ways to design effectively in 2017 and beyond.