That Time Nestle Revived an Entire Category With One Package Redesign—and What We Can Learn From It

  • Room: Columbus KL
  • Session Number: WSESS23
Wednesday, May 03, 2017: 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM


Debbie Bester
Design Manager
Nestlé Prepared Foods
Hamish Campbell
Creative Director, New York
Steve Lamoureux
Senior Vice President of Product Innovation, Design Solutions


In today's digital world, you don't hear many people waxing poetic about the incredible ROI of package design. What you do hear is that packaging changes are a risky, unpredictable, ill-advised business. Nielsen's Design Impact Award Winners tell a different story—and the grand prize winner, Lean Cuisine Marketplace, has quite a remarkable one.
For years, the Lean Cuisine brand had been in a tailspin as frozen entrees lost favor with consumers—until a new package design reclaimed millions in lost sales for the brand, and delighted retailers by reversing the downward trend for the entire category. Learn about the process Nestle and Pearlfisher followed to reboot the brand, and how these best practices can be applied to other would-be breakthrough redesigns.

Steve Lamoureux, SVP of Product Development for Design Solutions at Nielsen
Debbie Bester, Design Manager at Nestlé
Hamish Campbell, Creative Director at Pearlfisher